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Cheif Minister Balochistan

National Workshop Balochistan (NWB) is a platform to introduce participants from all across the country to National Policies & Government initiatives. It provides an opportunity to comprehend National Security Dynamics and discuss issues / challenges being faced by Pakistan in general and Balochistan in particular. Alumni's of NWB form a unique blend of notables including politicians, media personals, academia, business community and civil society who are contributing towards the prosperity of Balochistan in their respective capacities. I hope that website will be an effective tool to inform and educate masses regarding NWB’s vision and activities. I from the core of my heart congratulate and appreciate the efforts of the whole NWB team.

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National Workshop Balochistan


since 2019


Less vacancies used to be allotted to Balochistan at National security workshop in National Defense University, Islamabad. Therefore exclusive workshop for Balochistan (NSWBs) was introduced in 2017 by Government of Balochistan.

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Shun misperceptions by candid discourse to dispel negative image with respect to institutions Pragmatic analysis of Balochistan; cognizance of missed opportunities & governance issues Help members to renounce inhibitions & evade deprivation syndrome Incite prudent thoughts in current & potential leadership Introduction to selective geo-politics, economics and national policies' formulation processes Groom participants as better informed & effective members of society Further strengthen civil - military relations.

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Pakistan faces wide ranging spectrum of challenges; from conventional to hybrid/ grey hybrid zones requiring: whole of the nation approach” for effective response. Conduct of national workshop Balochistan is a way to promote cognizance of various stakeholders’ role and foster national spirit. It steers efforts toward property, institutional development of potent responsive provincial framework, eradicate internal ethnic/ social fissures and sustain the initiatives for improvement in Balochistan. Also helps to create an atmosphere of understanding between people belonging to different professions, culture and background.

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The guest speakers are usually the experts and analysts of their respective subjects. In addition to this the heads of organizations, academia, are also part of the team and called upon to deliver the lectures in national workshop Balochistan.


Anyone who has completed his minimum qualification of graduation or equivalent can participate in NWB.


The purpose of inviting participants from outside Balochistan is to have a wide exposure of the participants towards people of other provinces and learning from the experiences of others. Secondly to widen the scope of thinking of participants of other Provinces about Balochistan.